I came from the far-flung province, me with my three (3) brothers and my parents decided to travel to the city on a search for the luck and hoping to change our lives. I am the eldest of my four brothers, I started working as early as 10 when I was in elementary as a bagger boy in a wet market when my mother was suspended from work and my father is starting to find a job. It was a crucial time for me to help my parents with the daily expenses of the family. During the days, we tried to earn a living which is enough for all of us to sustain our basic needs as well as our studies. With this, I decided to study hard and earn a degree.

After completing a degree in 1997 still, I need to struggle to find a job which will enable to earn for my family. I get married in 2003, have a son and decided to move out of the country for the search for a suitable job to provide the needs of my family. I return back to my home country and stay for a while searching for a good opportunity, but I am not destined to stay. On the second time, I decided to move out and search for a better opportunity outside the country. Currently, I am still working in my chosen field, with me is my beautiful and hardworking wife along with my three (3) loving children (a son and two daughters), which is my great dream to be with them while they grow. I can say that I am successful in my career now, but still, there is a missing puzzle I need to solve. Having the freedom to earn extra while you are working hard in your profession is not easy, still, you need to spend time doing your routine works, reports, follow-ups, inspection, managing your teams etc. and balance it by giving a quality time to your family. The journey did not stop me from there to have freedom in my work.

On the other side of the coin, when I decided to venture into the online realm, the year 2013. I decide to buy and buy products from online marketers in search of a business online, the best mentors who can guide me in my journey reaching my goals. I hope you can relate to my story, now I am still struggling like yours.

This part I learn, though my experience by making an action, stay focused, do it simple, measurable, follow the guide and earn the fruit of your labor.

Last January 6, 2018, this was my turning point to join the Partners to Success by John Thornhill, follow his step by step program training + mentoring + live webinars etc. I can say still I am a newbie in the online biz but I can learn in my own phase thru the guidance of John. Along with this, I am aiming to help others succeed in their online journey – See what’s next to come.

Towards your success. Hector Abiul L.

P.S. If you will ask me to recommend one piece of information that could help you get started and become a success this the one. Take your spot, attend the training and make sure to take notes, I have helped other people succeed and you could be the next?