In my second week, I purchase the OptimizePress publisher pack, I check the website and browse the tutorials and each function. To be organized I created a folder for the Partnership to Success where I can keep all my files. I activated my theme and license for my site, then I set up the basic settings for my blog, I added blog header, and I was able to take a good header from a professional designer who will give a professional look without worrying to be penalized. I prepare my blogs, install and updates the plugins needed to optimize my blog. I also included the Share Bar, All in One SEO, JetPack and link manager which are all free plugins which will help my blog.

I created the “About me” page describing my journey on the online business world. I added this on my menu bar to be available below the header and in the footer for easy navigation.

I have read the bloggers roadmap by Dan Summer, which gives me an idea on how to start my blog. Factors in choosing your niche. Things needed to make your website from domains, hosting, themes and plugins. How to create good content and drive traffic to your blog by free or paid traffic. Using the top social media networks for you targeted traffic is one of the best options to do when you published the blog.

My Destructions

I was destructed for the several months from February to July almost five months, for several reasons which were, I become busy with my job and as well as checking for offers by other online marketers which destructed me a lot. Recently, I had laid off from employment due to company restructuring, I made the online and walk-in application but still not able to find a suitable job, till now while I am writing this post.

Its very sad I need to accept the reality that it hard to find a job nowadays. Still, I need my best to find a suitable job.

Now, during this ordeal I tried to refocus myself with partners to success, starting where I left behind and moving forward. The best in this training can go back to where I left and stopped and started all over again. I believed it’s not too late for me to be back on track.

I have to check all my resources for my topics outlines to start posting my topics and slowly take my online presence one step at a time. Take all the necessary tools, tips and tricks to all about blogging.

I did find myself searching online for topics for my next post online marketing, blogging, home business to add up on my series of blog posts. I feel hard thinking the best subject for my next post.

Towards your success.

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